Turkish Timeline


12000 – 7000 BC Cave dwellings at Karain and Belba
7500 BC Early Stone Age, first known human settlement at Çatal Höyük near Konya;earliest agriculture
5000 BC Stone and Copper Age; settlement at Hacılar; earliest known religious pottery and frescoes in Anatolia.
3000 BC First settlement at Troy
2600-1900 BC Old Bronze Age; Proto-Hittite Empire in central and south eastern Anatolia
1900-1300 BC Hittite Empire, wars with Egypt; Prophet Abraham departs from Harran, near Şanlı Urfa, for Canaan.
1185 BC Legendary Trojan War
1200- 600 BC Phrygian and Mysian invasions followed by the great period of Hellenic civilisation, Yassı Höyük settlement flourishes; King Midas and King Croesu reign; coinage is invented;
Kingdoms of lonia,Lycia,Lydia,Caria,Pamphylia flourish; Empire of Urartu expands in eastern Anatolia.
546 BC Cyrus of Persia invades Anatolia
334 BC Alexander the Great from Macedon conquers Anatolia
279 BC Celts (or Gauls) invade and found Galatia near Ankara
250 -133 BC Rise of the Kingdom of Pergamon (Bergama)
129 BC Rome establishes the Province of Asia (“Asia Minor”) with its capital at Ephesus (near Izmir)
47 – 57 AD St.Paul’s journeys in Anaolia
330 AD Constantine dedicates the “New Rome” of Constantinople and the centre of the Roman Empire moves to the Bosphorus
527 – 565   Reign of Justinian, greatest Byzantine emperor; construction of Haghia Sophia,greatest church in the world
570 – 622   Muhammed’s birth; revelation of the Koran; flight (hijra) to Medina
1037 -1109   Empire of the Great Seljuk Turks based in Persia
1071 -1243   Seljuk Sultanate of Rum based in Konya; life and work of Jelaleddin Rumi (Mevlana), founder of the Whirling Dervishes
1000s -1200s   Age of Crusades
1288 (1299)   Founding , near Bursa, of the Ottoman Empire
1453   Conquest of Constantinople by Mehmer II
1520 – 1566   Reign of Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent, the great age of the Ottomans; most of North Africa and Eastern Europe and all of the Middle East controlled from Istanbul; Ottoman navies patrol the Mediterranean and Red Seas and Indian Ocean.
1876 - 1909   Reign of Sultan Abdülhamid, last of the powerful sultans, European powers struggle to grab Ottoman territory as the empire collapses
1914 - 1918   Ottoman Empire, allied with Germany, defeated in World WarI; parts of Anatolia occupied by Allied armies
1919 - 1922   Turkish War of Independence; foreign armies pushed out by Mustafa Kemal (Atatürk); sultanate abolished
1923   Proclamation of the Turkish Republic
1925 - 1938   Ataturk’s reforms transform Turkey into a modern, westernoriented republic; first woman appointed to the Turkish Republic Death of M. K. Ataturk, founding father of
contemporary Turkey
1939   Turkey remains neutral during World War II Turkish troops make a strong contribution to United Nations forces in the Korean War
1991   Mrs.Tansu Çiller becomes Turkey’s first female prime minister 75th Aniversary of the founding of the Turkish Republic Turkey stands firm against international terorism,catches the terrorist leader and puts him under trial in front of the
international media and observers. Worst earthquake in Turkey with severe casualties
2000 - 2001   September 11 terrorism considerably affects Turkey’s economy with sharp decrease in tourism revenues.
2002   Turkey ranks 3rd in football in World Championship. Turkey’s national basketball team qualifies for World Championship for the first time.
2003   Women’s National Volleyball Team ranks 2nd in European Championship.
2004   EU officially decides to start negotiations on Turkey’s full membership to EU
2005   Turkey modifies laws radically in her expectation to become a full member of EU.Turkish Government decides for denomination on Turkish Lira and six zeroes are removed from new bank notes. Turkey hosted the final match for European footbal championship and Universiade summer olympics.
2006   Pope Benedict XVI visits Turkey.
2008   Turkey is semi-finalist in European football championship
2009   Turkey hosts World Ice Hockey championship
2010   Istanbul is selected to be European Capital of Culture. Turkey hosts FIBA Basketbal World championship.
2010   The Year of Japan to be commemorated ın Turkey
2011   Universiade 2011 Winter Olympics to be held in Erzurum, Turkey.