Spread over a 3000 m2 area Mukarnas Spa & Wellness Center is elegantly designed and especialy offers the true oasis of relaxation your body. Fitness, Vitamin Bar, about 350 m2 area a heated indoor swimming pool, children pool, 20 m2 (10 pax ) a heated healty pool, 1 2 sauna ( 15 m2 ), 1 Fin Bath ( 12 m2 ), One is 50 m2 and one 32 m2 area 2 Türkish bath available refined settings and there’ s 1 peeling & foam –room especialy constructed.

In Spa carefully appointed and equipped treatment area there’ re different 6 massage rooms and sections, Hidrotherapy, Chronotherapy, Solarium as well as all these difrent sections, you may indulge yourself with the Beaty & Esthetics of care room and also consist of 1 relax room.

Turkish Bath :

You shall be able to feel the glamour of 1000 years coming from the Ottoman to our recent days by having the rubbing and massage on the marbles by having the detacsication effect with this Türkish Tradition. It provides the ideal condition to the body for the beginning of SPA cares and providest the best utilization of SPA applications and it also recudes the sun allergy.

Massage & Therapies:
Thai massage’s by the far – east culture and it is shown as one of the best techniques in the worl and it is recommended by the doctors for a healthy living. This is the massage type which you can feel the far – east strains in the best way whit it’ s physical and metabolic effetcs in the body by dressing special clothes for Aroma therapy, manuel therapy and feet point.

Indian massageis practiced in India for 5.000 years coming from ayurveda – life science – and it provides physicaland spiritual comfort by touching the energy points of the body. Indian massage relieves and comfortsthe mind and thebody and it pruifies the squeezed problem in your body and in the end, one has a body exempted from the stress and the heailing power of the body becomes appearent. With various types of massages and they give great pleasure together with the health and the meditation which you can feel in your body.

The whole body is applied with anti – stress massage made with cacao oil and after that is continues by applying hot chocolate to the body. Cacao oil contains Ginseng and Vitamine E and it has anti aging affect for the skin. It humidifies the body arouses the body.

The smell of the chocolate decreases the stress and the massage provides the renewal of the body, mind and soul.

Klasical Massage :

In the direction of our guest’ s wishes,our Professional, licensed and experienced physiotherapiests are waiting for you for your health & comfort, aroma therapy, sports, medical, back and feet point massages.

Steam Bath

Your shall feel the relaxing of your skin in a health temperature and this is useful for the in – depth cleaning of the skin.The tires muscles and joints get loosened with the effect of the steam and a total comfort takes the place of tiredness. Steam bath provides liveliness in the body and activites the mind

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