Orion Tour

ORION was established in 1969, ready to meet the fast growing demand for FIT and GIT land tours throughout Turkey. Since then, the company has become one of the top leading tour operators in the country with an energetic and well-experienced staff that is necessary to run an efficient smooth operation. With Orion's computerized systems and worldwide connections, you are assured of a reliable and professional service.

ORION INBOUND DEPARTMENT offers you unique tour programs that cover the most sought-after cities in Turkey. Of these programs bearing the Orion’s “2 to Go Budget Guaranteed Departure Programmes with Fixed Price Guaranteed” that are currently being carried out as well as some variations and new alternative programmes on Turkey.
We would like to invite you to put more energy and effort to sell these programs on FIT basis,
as well. We have taken the risk to operate our tours on FIT basis. Your individual clients will be grouped together here, at this end, on regular and organized tours.

ORION DMC now wants you to consider Turkey as your potential Meetings, Symposiums, Incentives and Conventions, thanks to the highly developed and expanded facilities which the country can offer and to the build-up of skilled and trained staff that we can provide for your needs and special requirements.

ORION DMC has successfully arranged many meetings and symposiums and is, therefore, armed with a lot of knowledge and experience in such relevant areas; for example, ORION successfully organized the International Symposium on St. Nicholas (Santa Claus, Father Christmas) for years. This International Symposium was solely organized and managed by ORION and Scholars from various European countries, U.S.A and Canada participate in this International Symposium for over a decade.

Only few years ago, the annual meeting of the World Council of Churches in Turkey was also planned, organised and successfully managed by Orion. Furthermore, annual meetings and congresses for Wear TV, Lux, Citibank, Nutrimetrics, Shaklee, Shell, Hoechst, Ciba-Geigy, Panasonic, Eagle-Star, Hoover, Bridgestone, NATO-Conference on Education and Training on Operational Research, AIA - American International Assurance Company were all carried out by us.

ORION INBOUND DEPARTMENT also caters to the special interest travel groups (SIT) who wish to venture into the areas of Bird watching, Mountaineering or Cave Exploration in Turkey, since these are fields where ORION has been very active for many years. Similarly, it must be noted that ORION arranges study trips, religious and archaeological trips, etc. within Turkey.

ORION welcomes you to explore the charm, mystery and majesty that live in every corner of Turkey; from the domes and minarets outlining the profile in Istanbul, to the antique cities that decorate the shores of the Aegean and the Turquoise Mediterranean, and to the stupendous sculptures resting on mount Nemrut in the East that fascinates and hypnotizes the visitor with their timelessness and beauty.

rion also has and provides a whole range of well-experienced and reputable guides to meet and cope with the demand and interest and to provide the comfort and care for our clear guests. Most of these professional guides are multi-lingual and we provide a whole range of foreign languages; from the common and well-spoken languages of English, French, German and Arabic to the relatively less frequently requested languages of Japanese and Chinese (Mandarin).